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As of March 24th 2016, Rot Town, tales of the dooms day scum, has been online for 1 whole year!  That means its starting to grow teeth and eating solid food.  Rot Town is my rotten little love bowl movement and has been one of the most fulfilling things I have done.  Thank you everyone who has been there through the painful birthing process and given a tit to help feed this monster.  Some shout outs.

    Mom:  The kindness of the world is my mom.  Everything that is good in my is from her.  Also, for always reading my stuff even through she is way to sweet to be reading this kind of awful nonsense.

    Dad:  My worrier father, my hero and crazy guide to an insane world.  If things are ever daunting, all I have to do is look at my pops and know it can be overcome.  He's a straight up BAMF.

    Kid Sister:  My little sister has been the bouncing bored to my crazy ideas since she was in diapers.  She continuous to listen with wide eyed shock and horror- and always a little wonder.

    The boss Voorhees:  My mentor, my inspiration and my good buddy.  The living proof that you can do what you love AND make bank!  If it wasn't for you theirs a good chance Rot Town wouldn't exist.  Thanks boss.

    Damn Dan:  You owe me one for using your poetry slam alias.  This dudes full-heartedly supported what I do for a long time.  What little sanity Rot Town has is thanks to him.  And he also is the one who got this website looking good, so thanks for that as well. 

    And to all you Rot Heads!!!:  I can't tell you how much it means to me that you took the time to read Rot Town.  Just know that for every time you laughed or groaned or face palmed at my sick little comic you are allowing my to live my dream. 

Enough dick riding!  Rot Town is only getting started.  The tales of the dooms day scum will keep on rolling.  Dead 4 Life!  Long unlive Rot Tow







The whole ugly process

Here is an example of a Rot Town page being made.  How I go about it is by no means unique or innovative but there is a process from beginning to end that one may find interesting.  The example here is one of the Guide pages and is one of the more detailed Rot Town  pieces I've made.


Step 1


About 80% of Rot Town is done digitally but I make most of the initial illustrations with pencil and paper.  I prefer using free hand on paper when getting the page set up and paneled.


Step 2

Scanned and Digitised

When pencils are done I scan up the page then highlight.  This is basically the equivalent of inking.  This is also the stage when I do all necessary fixes in the page structure and art.


Step 3


This is where all the basic colors and tones are put in.


Step 4

Detail work, shading and finish work

This is the most growling yet rewording and fun part of making comics.  This is where most of my time in making Rot Town goes, in  all the detail work, shading, ext.  The polish on the page. 

....and that is more or less how its done... a lot of trial and error, a lot of grinding and a lot of hours... but also a lot of fun and a whole butt load of crazyness. 




Birth of the Saint of Rot Town

Here is the original concept art for the Shieldmaiden.  I initially was inspired by Joanne "JoJo" Calderwood, the Scottish MMA fighter.  Calderwood is a tall, thin fayish girl who has a reserved almost shy demeanor.  It's hard to believe she is in such a ruff sport.  However, in the ring she is a badass, unflinching, uncompromising, the kind of Scottish warrior that would make William Wallace proud.  Check her out on YouTube sometime. The look of the Sheildmaden changed a bit in the long run.  I went with a more anime look, younger and smaller.  However, the inspiration of that soft spoken Scots fighter is there.