Deep inside of Melody was a coal- an icy little coal ready to blaze. A coal that just needed a spark to ignite it to magnificent light. There were a lot of sparks flying around inside her at that moment.

   The coal erupted into flame and from it her power was born.

   Ling’s eyes went wide and its tongue wiped back into its mouth like a scared eel. It looked into her eyes, at the two bright red spots that had once been her pupils. Every germ in its rotten body recoiled at once. Every muscle clenched tight and black zombie blood oozed out of every pore. Hex power is the antimatter of the Vecna Germ. Voodoo magic is the ultimate nemesis to the undead.

   “Fuck, Tash… SHE’S A FUCKING HEXER!”

   Melody’s hand grabbed the handle of the screwdriver tucked into her boot. As soon as she touched it the manifestation of her power was complete. She had the Spark of her power, but she also needed a Focus, an item which held some sort of supernatural energy. The screwdriver, used to kill a cheer team in the name of Satan, had just enough demonic energy within it to work as a focus. She drove the screwdriver into the zom’s side. Then she plucked at a strand of power. A glowing red hand of a demonic entity manifested at the end of the screwdriver inside the zom’s belly. The hand shredded through meat and organ and clamped around its spinal column. The hand flung the zom off her, sending it thrashing across the room.

   Ling smashed into a pillar with a crunch. It stuck there for a moment, then slowly slid to the ground. From the right side of its rib cage to its hip was a seared hole, spewing out a reddish smoke. Tash looked on in stunned shock. Nail’s chewed up head fell from its hands. There was a blast of hot wind and Melody was lifted from the ground to her feet. The arm holding the screwdriver was encased in red nebulous energy, just the black silhouette of her bones seen throw it. Her hair billowed in the hex wind.

   Her good luck, her seemingly charmed life. It all came from the seeds of her power, the tiniest hint of voodoo magic she was born with. Everyone in Rot Town knew about the witch doctors and the voodoo tyrants. Their power was the one thing that the undead truly feared, and it was possibly the ultimate power of the Wrecked Earth. Hex power could enslave the undead or obliterate them. Hex power nullified the Vecna Germ- burned it from the Hexer's flesh like ants to a blow torch. She had that power. It flowed through her like electricity through steel wool. At last she was whole. A Hexer born. With this power she was no longer a Ruin Leach; she no longer had to live the hand to mouth horror of that life. The undead where hers to do with as she wished. Rot Town was hers to claim.

   Tash backed away into the dark. Ling pulled itself forward onto its belly. It’s spine was busted up, leaving its legs convulsing uncontrollably. Melody stood in the center of the room, as proud and regal as a madam in a whore house. Ash and debris swirled around her as the nebulous red energy from her arm caressed her body.

   The two zom’s initial terror fizzled out and was replaced by seething hatred. The Germ tugged at their degenerated minds. This Hexer was a newborn. She was still weak, unsteady with her power. They could snuff out her young spark, get rid of a terrible scourge to all Ghoul Kind. The two zoms no longer had a choice. The Germ was their master and the Germ wanted this hexer dead, her flesh eaten, her bones ground to dust and blown into the wind.

   “Fuck Hexers,” whispered Tash from the dark.

   “Fuck Hexers,” hissed Ling, prone on the ground.

   Melody smiled and lifted her hand. She extended her middle finger and the hand burst into crackling yellow green energy. Her middle finger was a black boney silhouette at its center. Tash leapt forward at her like a spring. Melody pointed her middle finger at the ghoul and let loose her power. A skull of a devil alligator made of red and yellow fire erupted from her hand and flowed toward Tash. The skull belonged to a demonic creature, a creature found in the sewers of hell. It grew to the size of a refrigerator in the second it took to get from her hand to Tash. Its fiery jaws opened wide and snapped down onto Tash’s body. From the waist down the ghoul was engulfed. As soon as they clamped shut the skull exploded.

   Everything around was blasted away in a donut cloud of dust and ash, mixed with the green sparks of the fading magic. If she had aimed higher she would've obliterated the ghoul. But she was new to the game and had much to learn in spell slinging. Tash’s upper body came crashing down on top of her. Its head, shoulders and arms were still intact but below the collarbone there was only an empty blackened rib cage and a charred spinal column. As soon as it hit her it grabbed onto her shoulder and wrist. It bit down onto her glowing arm with all its might. There was a surge of power and a flash of red- and every tooth in its head popped like a string of firecrackers. The ghoul was blasted off her and slid across the ground, its toothless mouth an opened black wound.

   Melody straightened up and glared at Tash. It lay smoking on the ground, spasming. She stared at the other ghoul. Ling cussed and hissed as it tried to stand on its quaking legs but managed to only flail around on the ground. It glared at the human hexer in rage, digging furrows into the ashy ground with its taloned hand. She smirked at the helpless undead, then turned her back to it. She stalked up to Tash. It looked back at her with its remaining eye, the other just a smoking hole.

   “Go fuck yourself Hexer!” it hissed, wet smoke coming out its mouth. The red nebulous power coursed over her body lovingly as she knelt down before the burnt undead.

   “I’ve lived my whole life running and hiding from you assholes. You killed my mom. You killed my crew.”

   She cracked a cold half smile. “Thanks for that by the way. If ya hadn't done that I may never have found out about this powers.” She looked at her hand, at the tendrils of red power that came to gently stroke her cheek.

   “Hey, his brains sure were good. Wish I could have eaten the rest but whateves, take what ya can in Rot Town and enjoy it while ya can.” hissed Tash.

   “Rot Town. I guess I get whatever I want from Rot Town from now on. I think I’ll dibby out some revenge of you ghoul fucks. For every starving night hiding in a pool of piss, for every hunger pain, for every rat I had to eat, I’ll fry a hundred undead.”  She smiled down at the burnt zom.  “It’s only fair right?

   “I guess so,” replied Tash. He smiled a toothless smile and gave a dry laugh. “But I doubt it. Ya should have realized, ya dumb ass. My and my bud are sneaky.”

   Melody’s face was confused for a moment, then a look of terrible recognition replaced it. She spun around. Ling was already on her. It was on its feet, awkwardly lunging forward. It wasn't nearly as crippled as it led her to believe. It grabbed her hair and yanked her head back. It sank its teeth into the side of her neck. It pulled it head back, and came away with a fist sized chunk of her flesh.

   The energy surged into violent spikes around her as if it too felt the pain. She smashed both her glowing hands into its chest cavity. The nebulous red energy turned to coals, which blazed into its undead body. The coals were powered by primordial pain, the pain of the burning ash that had killed the dinosaurs in there great extinction. The coals multiplied like a virus and in seconds Ling’s entire body was erupting into rust colored flames. Ling looked at its buddy Tash as the coals began to burn to its face.

   “I’ve always loved you,” it hissed. “No homo.”

   Its mouth boiled over with zombie spit. Its skull cracked open and billowed out flame. Its eyes popped and its head collapsed into its burning rib cage, as its body crumpled to the ground. Ling, at last, was truly dead.

   Melody staggered away from the burning ghoul. Blood spurted from between her fingers and ran down her body, where it pooled at her feet. She could feel the hex power burning away the Vecna Germ inside of her, like tiny little pin pricks, but she knew her hex power couldn't heal her catastrophic wound, or stop her terminal bleeding. She was dead, bleeding out in buckets. The dry cackling of the remaining ghoul echoed through the room. She looked at it as the nebulous energy began to fade out to just a wisp around the tip of the screw driver.

   “Rot Town’s for the undead! The Wrecked Earth belongs to Ghoul Kind!

You Hexers are just the death rattle of the human fucking race!  Think about that before ya die!  Think about that when you're falling to hell!”

   The Hex power in her flared up like a supernova, a blinding white. Blood spurted more violently from her neck wound.

   “After you,” she hissed, blood bubbling from between her teeth. The white energy was concentrated into a blazing white point at the tip of the screw driver. It shot forward like a bullet into Tash’s face. In about three seconds every Vecna Germ in its body exploded.

   It might not seem like much for a single microscopic organism to explode but when a couple trillion go up all at once it’s a hell of a show. Every centimeter of flesh was blown away and pulverized into a black brown mist with a deafening howl. The violence of the act blew a crater into the floor, vaguely in the shape of Tash’s body. An oily mist lingered, periodically popping as the last stray germs burnt away.

   Thus, Tash and Ling’s reign of miscellaneous shenanigans was over.

   Melody came to an unsteady stop at a blown out window. She stared out over Rot Town as the red sun rose in a crimson sky. The city was a black, broken silhouette beneath it, dotted with random lights. Hate filled her for a moment, hate at the unfairness of what had happened. At last her destiny was open to her, only to be snuffed out so quickly. Then she felt a crushing sadness, the sadness of hopelessness. Then, there was only exhaustion. She collapsed to her knees. She took her hand away from the gaping wound at her neck and felt the weak drizzle of the last of her blood slide down her chest. She could feel the spark of her hex power still burning inside her, still burning away the Vecna Germ which tried in vain to take her flesh. It was then that she realized. Her Hex power would kill her, truly end her forever. But if the spark where snuffed out, then…

   Worse than death, same said. A bullet to the head is a kinder fate, I’d rather drown myself in a toilet, yadda yadda yadda. Death or the Germ- what do you choose in the end? Melody closed her eyes, and tears ran town her blood-spattered cheeks. She focused on the spark inside her, cradled it, loved it. Then smothered it. Her will beat at the spark until it shattered and went cold. It was the hardest thing she had ever done. The screwdriver fell from her numb fingers, bounced off the window ledge, and tumbled into the Rot Town dawn.

   Not a moment later the Vecna Germ rose up and tore into her unguarded flesh. It clawed its way through her veins, into her organs and lanced up her spine to her brain. It clutched her straining heart in cold needles and squeezed it still. She gasped in pain and arched her back in agony. Then the Germ erupted into her brain and she lunged forward in a violent spasm. She found herself falling- tumbling right out the window. The last thing she saw with her human eyes were pipes sticking out of the debris below her.  Then there was only black.







   One more heave and the second kidney blasted out its mouth with an explosion of ghoul sputum. It splattered into the pile of other barfed up organs. With it ended the agonies of birth. The newborn ghoul stood warily to its feet and looked around it. The world looks different through the eyes of the undead. It seems to crackle and shimmer, yet is still and gray. The ghoul looked at its long taloned fingers, still wet from forming. It snapped its jaws shut with a loud snap, shocked by their power. It looked at its chest and stomach, at the pipes that were impaled threw it from its fall from the building. There was no pain. It could feel the pipes, a sort of dull pressure, but no pain. It yanked a pipe out, then another, until they all lay discarded with its useless organs.

    Its undead mind began to focus. It could feel the primal presence of the Germ, the desire it spawned. Meat, human meat. To eat it, to infect it. Its tongue lolled from its mouth and oozed at the thought. It looked up at the building it had fallen from, at the smoke that still billowed from the 27th floor from the trap the zoms had sprung. Two fresh human bodies lay on the 26th floor. All for itself. It would climb up and get its zombie mula. It would eat what it wanted and trade the rest for other things it wanted.

   Somewhere out in Rot Town there was a collective howl of undead, all gleefully shrieking over some nonsense or other. In another part fireworks shot into the air celebrating another day of the apocalypse. The young zombie smiled. It had known life as a ruin leach, it had briefly known life as a Hexer. But in the end, it had ended up undead like so many countless others. The last shade of its humanity screamed in horror then faded to oblivion. Now it would howl in glory and shake the ruins in glee like the rest of the Ghoul Race. It would exist for its moment's pleasure, damn the consequence, and ignore its rotting flesh until it ceased to exist. Born again, a denizen of hell on earth.

    Devils love hell.

    Undead love Rot Town.